Our Music Systems are some of the best sounding and looking systems in the world. Why is this?

With a background in High-End Hi-Fi Jamie Marshall spent 11 years sourcing, selling, importing and installing the very best A/V systems that money can buy. The list of equipment that Jamie has knowledge of is stagering! From the bigger (for a specialist company) brands such as KrellBoulderWilson AudioQuad and Martin Logan to some of the smallest but very specialist brands like Balanced Audio TechnologyRockportYpsilon and Kharma not many other people in the UK have experience of such a selection of equipment. This experience means that a Technophobe audio system will have been selected and installed with the same level of thought and care as any of these High-End brands. This means that we will always make sure that no matted what the equipment it will alway be setup and tuned to sound at its best.


What is Multi-room Audio & Video?
Multi-room Audio and Video is a way of enjoying your favourite music or TV/ movie in any chosen room in your home without restrictions. The systems that we install are designed to be both premium quality and extremely simple to use. You choose your preferred sources – Radio, Blu-Ray, Music Server, Sky/Virgin TV, Movie Server, iPod – then we custom design, install and program your Multi-room system to control these sources from anywhere around the house, or even outside. Using today’s latest Multi-room audio and video equipment we can install high quality wired and wireless systems into new builds or existing homes, all controlled via dedicated remote controls, keypads and touch panels on walls, or even the latest smart phones and tablets. We use many different types of loudspeakers to ensure high quality audio without compromising the look of your home. From in-ceiling speakers to floor standing hi-fi speakers, to speakers designed as art work and even invisible speakers that are plastered over to become part of the wall. These products are all sourced and selected by Technophobe and have been tested to meet the most exacting of standards.