The beauty of lighting control in your home allows you to select the type of lighting scene you require at the touch of a button, achieving elegant and efficient lighting in the room of your choice whilst reducing energy and environmental damage. Furthermore, a lighting control system provides automatic switch on/off of lights via timed events, motion and light sensors. So having your lights set up in this way means that those lamps will not be left on once a room is no longer in use.

A complete whole home lighting system by Technophobe does not just provide lighting on a room by room basis, but will also give whole home settings that can be accessed by the push of a single button. This enables you to switch off all the lights in the house as you leave (or back on as you return), or switch the entire house into holiday mode as you go on vacation. In addition to the security benefits, lighting control can enrich your living experience by providing pre-programmed lighting scenes that will allow you to have, for instance, a beautiful low level lighting scene for entertaining in your living room, which becomes in turn a new scene for watching a movie in the same room and even a bright setting for when someone spills the popcorn!


Not only can you enjoy a lighting control system programmed to enhance your room’s décor and suit your purpose, you can also be assured that Technophobe have installed a system that will reduce energy usage and prolong the life of your lamps. Setting up your lighting control system to run your lights at a lower capacity is just one of the things we do to ensure that your home can, quite simply, meet a tighter, more energy efficient lighting plan. Unlike a conventional lighting system, a lighting controlled system will typically save a minimum of 10% in energy, per light fitting, achieving the twin-benefits of reduced running costs and energy saving. Add in the benefit of a limitless possibility of controlling any type of lamp including today’s latest LED lamps means that you can really manage your energy consumption at a low level.

To enhance your lighting control system, Technophobe also offer a comprehensive lighting design service, this can be anything from a single room to an entire house. We have extensive experience designing systems that
use today’s very latest energy efficient lamps and have a wealth of products we can call upon for a given décor and/or technical requirement. These products have been tested by us and chosen for their aesthetic appeal, specific light output, superior quality, and compatibility with our lighting control systems. 

We have selected the finest lighting control equipment from our valued trade partners. To find out more about the companies that we are proud to represent then please click on the links below.

Philips Dynalite



We are proud to have had one of our lighting installations featured on the website featuring Philips Dynalite lighting controls integrated in to a Control4 home automation system. Click here for more.