From a dedicated Cinema room to a simple surround sound system to enhance your TV, Home Cinema can provide an enhanced movie experience for the whole family. This is where Technophobe is able to draw on many years’ experience of supplying and installing high performance cinemas in a wide variety of rooms. In a confusing market with a glut of equipment, forever changing technology and format,Technophobe cuts through the jargon, relying on its extensive experience to provide recommendations based on your requirements, to guarantee a Home Cinema that is top quality, aesthetically pleasing and simple to use – the Technophobe standard.

This means that:

  • We only source equipment that has been tested and approved for your reassurance

  • All our Cinemas are always programmed to be simple to use as well as being high performance

  • Because watching a Movie or TV programme should be enjoyable for every member of the family

A control system to make these complex systems a breeze to operate for all the family is a must for any Home Theatre. For example, Technophobe suggests that the room’s lighting system is redesigned and if necessary black-out blinds fitted so that there is no compromise in performance for the Projector, which typically requires a darkened room. The lights and blinds can then have their operation automated and controlled by the same control system that will be custom programmed to control the rest of the Cinema. If you are planning a dedicated Cinema room, we can provide a complete design service to include furniture, lighting, acoustic treatment, as well as the electronics, taking the whole Cinema experience into a high-tech and deluxe dimension!

Not everyone has the space for a dedicated room. At Technophobe we are experts at hiding Cinema systems into the typical living room, so that you can achieve your dream of a Home Cinema that will disappear when not in use, without compromising on performance. Using drop down Motorised Projection Screens and Projector Lifts we can create a large screen cinematic feel without intruding on the look and feel of your Living Room.