Mr & Mrs G chose Technophobe to install a Home Cinema, Multi-Room Audio, HD Distribution and a Control4 Home Automation system at their new build in Knockholt, Kent

In it, Technophobe created 8 rooms of Audio, a dedicated Cinema room and a further 4 televisions around the house, connected to a High Definition Video Distribution System. They
were concerned about the security of their new home so also asked us to install CCTV around the property, with an entrance system on their front gate and front door. This system is controlled very simply via the control4 user interface. This is on touch screens that are both wall mounted and freestanding around the home. The same user interface has been programmed onto their iphones and ipads for when they are on the move. This means they can view their CCTV cameras at any time and unlock their gates or front door when at home or away, giving them full control of their security. Their unique combination door
locks enable them to have a dedicated entrance code for each home user – so when the Housekeeper arrives on a Tuesday and Thursday, her access code is only activated for those days and times, maximising security. The heating system is also connected to the control4 system, so that when they are about to journey home after day out or a holiday, they can turn the heating on ready for their return. This makes controlling the home’s climate more efficient and means the house can be heated only when needed, thus reducing energy consumption. They also have their lighting control system controlled by Control4 – again, this means that they can switch lights on or off or activate certain lighting scenes, minimising their energy consumption.
Picture the scene: The house is empty and the family have been away. The heating, lighting and all other electronics are switched off. It’s a cold day, so before the family return home, they switch the heating on to warm up the house in time for their arrival. They start their journey, and as night draws in their external and internal lighting automatically comes on and their curtains and blinds close. These are set to holiday mode and their switch-on is in a random pattern to deter potential intruders, making the house look occupied. As they near their home, they receive a phone call from a friend they are due to meet there. They have arrived early. The family is then able to open their front gates remotely and unlock their front door so that their friends can come inside and make themselves comfortable while they wait.